Our Story

Founded in 2017, PT Rote Karaginan Nusantara (RKN) is a family-owned biotechnology company making waves in the seaweed industry.

Our mission is to deliver top-tier seaweed products while uplifting coastal communities and preserving the environment. Guided by integrity and innovation, we’ve grown while fostering strong relationships with both customers and employees.


Strategically located near Kupang, our factory resides within the heart of the Eastern Indonesian Seaweed Triangle.

This advantageous positioning grants us access to nutrient-rich waters, creating a year-round opportunity for cultivating seaweed.

Sustainable Practices 

Sustainability and traceability are fundamental to our practices.

Rigorous quality control and advanced technology ensure product traceability from source to end product. We employ sustainable farming and eco-friendly production methods to minimize our ecological impact and protect marine ecosystems. Waste reduction, water conservation, and energy efficiency are key to our green initiatives.

Pride in Sustainability

At RKN, we take pride in our sustainable practices. By setting high standards, we're catalysts for change in the carrageenan industry. We collaborate with local and global stakeholders to raise awareness about sustainable sourcing and production methods, fostering a better future for coastal communities.

Strategic Coastal Location

Situated in west Timor, Indonesia, our location within the Coral Triangle offers a unique advantage. Pristine waters host diverse seaweed species, essential for our carrageenan production. Our proximity to this resource ensures product freshness and purity, allowing us to oversee every production stage.
Environmental Harmony

Environmental Harmony

Our coastal presence aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation. Responsible sourcing and eco-friendly production help us reduce our carbon footprint while protecting marine ecosystems. We work hand in hand with nature to secure long-term viability while preserving our coastal environment's beauty.

In Conclusion

Our west Timor location grants us unparalleled access to superior seaweed resources. This proximity fosters quality carrageenan and meaningful partnerships with local farmers. At PT Rote Karaginan Nusantara, our coastal advantage is the foundation of our success and our commitment to industry impact.
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