Shaping a better future through Sustainability and Traceability 

The core principles of sustainability and traceability have been the driving force behind our company's vision and values.

Serving as a catalyst for change, these principles embody our commitment to coastal communities through responsible practices. As we integrate sustainability and traceability into every aspect of our operations, we are actively shaping a future where accountability, transparency, and lasting impact prevail.

Our Mission

At Rote Karaginan Nusantara, our mission is to be a leading provider of a diverse line of seaweed products,

To meet consumer needs and satisfaction through innovative and sustainable technological solutions, all while delivering excellent service. We’re dedicated to forming lasting partnerships with our customers and making meaningful contributions to our community.

What We Do

We specializes in formulating top-quality seaweed products tailored to your requirements.

We offer a range of premium solutions derived from seaweed and our commitment to quality ensures that each product is sourced and processed with precision, meeting the highest industry standards. Whether you need customized solutions for food, beverages, or other applications, RKN is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that perfectly match your needs.

Our Impact

RKN addresses many of the global challenges we face today.


Coastal Communities and Women Empowerment

RKN uplifts coastal communities in Nusa Tenggara Timur, fostering gender equality, economic stability, and environmental sustainability. By empowering women in seaweed farming and collaborating with hundreds of farmers, we drive positive change, benefiting both individuals and the community at large.

Coastal Communities and Women Empowerment


Ocean healths

We are committed to preserving marine ecosystems through responsible seaweed farming, ensuring a positive impact on ocean health and marine life.

Ocean Health


Sustainable Seaweed Sourcing

RKN has a global impact through sustainable seaweed sourcing, traceability, and community empowerment. Our practices secure ecosystems, set industry benchmarks, and inspire responsible actions worldwide.

Sustainable Seaweed Sourcing

Co2 Mitigation

As seaweed grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide and removes excess nutrients from the water, playing a vital role in combating climate change and promoting marine ecosystem balance.

Co2 Mitigation

-Sylvia Erle, marine biologist, oceanographer, explorer 

"Seaweed is not only an abundant resource, but also a source of hope for addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges, from food security to environmental sustainability."

Our Products

Unleashing the potential of seaweed

Explore our range of premium seaweed-based solutions, meticulously crafted by Rote Karaginan Nusantara through our Sette Mari brand. From enhancing texture and taste to promoting sustainability, our products embody quality, innovation, and a commitment to a better future.


Food & Beverages


Raw Dried Seaweed


Work in Progress


Work in Progress

Environmental Harmony

Our coastal presence aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation. Responsible sourcing and eco-friendly production help us reduce our carbon footprint while protecting marine ecosystems.

Our Partners

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